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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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arrested a man.. in connection with the fatal accident last night that killed a well-liked denver post reporter. denver police have arrested a man in connection with a fatal
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a well-liked denver post reporter. around 8:00 oconnor was riding her bicycle or walking her bike when she was struck. witnesses say the car kept going. now, the driver a 23-year old stopped about 7, 8 blocks later and police say that's when he called police. denver police just held a conference and said he's been arrested for vehicular homicide but for now he's not facing hit >> it takes him 8 blocks to am come to a stop but he does stop he does remain there does make a call to the police. >> the sergeant said even though it was several blocks later the driver did stop and said it will be up to the da on whether or not to add hit and run to the list of charges. he also said witnesses told them the driver had the green light and the pedestrian was walking against
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i just spoke with her last week. >> wow. >> and i saw that today i was shocked. >> that's got to be shocking for a lot of people. >> the whole situation. >> not good for anyone. we'll keep following that story. investigators in adams county have closed multiple roads as they investigate a shooting earlier this morning. here's a look at the area around 76th avenue. a person was found with a gunshot wound. deputies say they're looking f of interest but no danger to the public. 76th avenue is closed in both directions as officials investigate this case. and an explosion has rocked the spacex launch site in florida today. luckily nobody was hurt. nasa says a spas x unman rocket exploded during a test firing. it was just a test but destroyed the rocket and satellite that were set to launch this coming saturday. buildings several miles away
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multiple explosions continued on for several minutes. nobody was hurt, but -- >> so much smoke, wow. >> i haven't been there yet. >> well, today let talk about our weather. highs in the 80s, not looking bad out there right now. >> no. >> taking a live look over denver. you thinking we could see some storms later today, right? >> part of the state certainly up in the high country and foothills will have the best shot for seeing the storms. we're going to be looking at a nice bef weather that we've had for much of the week looking ahead to start of the week answered bit of a different story. outside right now it kicked off the morning with all that fog now slowly starting push out and the blue skies returning to us. we still have that muggy humid air out there around 60% in fort collins, 42 in denver, a little dry weather out there in the western slope. tough to find any storms. if anything they're firing up out to the western slope a couple of lightning
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see is what you get, a few clouds out there and that's going to be how the rest of the afternoon goes. the showers and thunderstorms will certainly be out there by about 4 or 5 p.m. you're driving home from work or picking up the kids the darker clouds and showers are all out to the west. you can see 1 or 2 sneaking across but if anything it will be gusty winds. the clouds will be with us throughout the evening. as we head toward this afternoon and into this evening the temps will be w we're already at 79 out at the airport. 60s and low 70s up in the mountains right now and 85 in grand junction. of course we're keeping a close eye on the topics out there. tropical storm highlands ranch and gaston. >> this could be the first hurricane in florida in nearly
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i can't believe that. >> i know. >> so it's making its way threatening florida shores and people on the east coast are getting ready for a potential labor day wash-out. >> unfortunately i wish we had better news. it's packing sustained winds about 65 miles per hour. it is expected to reach hurricane strength by the time it makes land fall which right now looks like late tonight possible early tomorrow morning. >> really. >> um-hum. >> okay. so people have to bracero we're joined from cedar key florida. >> reporter: flooded streets parking lots and cars stuck in rising water just some what, if we've seen from tropical storm highlands ranch. >> my biggest concern is that people who are in storm surge evacuation zones and told to evacuate won't get out. >> reporter: with most of the state under a state of emergency governor scott announced the
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this as residents scramble for sandbags. >> getting ready. getting ready. have the sand, got the gas for the generator. >> reporter: south of tampa it's easier for some to travel by kayaks than by car. other flood prone areas it really actively dry but local officials warn of the calm before the storm. >> i'm laughing because it looks so calm right now but we all know how fast the on 1st street without an event. >> reporter: included in the evacuations are an animal shelter. the entire state prepares for what's to come. a plane here in colorado is helping to improve the forecast for lester, this is a high
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it normally based in broomfield but is now heading towards hurricane lester in the pacific. the hope is it will provide more accurate readings and give a more accurate forecast. mustard agent is a chemical gas that causes large blisters on the skin an lungs. it's used as a chemical weapon and the army is spending millions of dollars to destroy it right here had in colorado. they built a 4 and a half million dollar plant agent. now, this work is undergoing right now it's an effort to stay in compliance with the international treaty that bans chemical weapons. officials with the army say about about 780,000 shells have to be destroyed. the plant can destroy an average of 500 shells a day. the project is expected to be done by mid 2020. >> fascinating they're still working on that.
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your job can affect your risk for a heart attack. >> those -- the people at denver based -- the region's a largest mechanical contractor are out to change that. >> so we ask you that you know, please keep your eyes an ears open. >> before shifts workers gather around are for toolbox talks where they're encourage today seek out help if they're dealing th co-worker if they notice a drastic difference in his or her mood. these are on top of training for upper level management. everyone feels the difference this program is making. >> as men we tend not to want to talk about it because we're afraid how people are going to look at us and view us and you know, it's okay, and that's the biggest thing the tough guy mentality is not the same as it used to be. you know, we're
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talk about it. >> if you're curious why the construction injury is at risk well some workers face seasonal work or may self medicate, it's strenuous with and always lots of deadlines. in the last 2 years 8 co-workers have become more open about the dark places depression have are taken them and turned away the throughout of suicide. we have much more coming up tonight at 6:00. in the mim information on regarding the suicide prevention program that can help other businesses and there are phone numbers and web sites where you can reach out to someone if you or someone you know is facing a tough time right now. if you still have a few more hours you can be a part of denver art museum's latest exhibit. it's called star wars and the power of the costume. the art museum is hiring for a variety of positions that will help support the operations of
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be safe and helping visitors buy tickets. selling merchandise, maybe they'll let you try on a costume or 2, i don't know. you know, you call one i call the other. we've got a link to this on it would be just a dream job for a big die hard star wars fan. >> right. >> the application process closes at midnight the exhibit opens on november 13th. so if you love star wars you can have -- like work around star wars all the time. >> it going to be really are popular. >> when i go to galleries when i go to the gift shop i wonder what will be in the gift shop. >> oh my goodness, good stuff, right. >> bring your credit card. okay so for the first time in the u.s. trapped mosquitoes have tested positive for zika why health officials are so concerned about this. >> also a foggy start to the day across much of the metro area but look at this time lapse this
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you know what it was so cloudy so foggy earl this morning appeared finally a little bit of sunshine is starting peak out. the camera a bit hazy as well. our temperatures starting warm up as well. we're at 74 downtown upper 60s in broomfield, boyd, 77 in idaho springs and warming up along the i-76 corridor too.
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hanging onto the sunshine temperatures close to 80 degrees. the winds haven't been too problematic for us about 9 miles an hour. speaking of we'll be watching our temperatures returning to the mid-80s too a little bit cooler across the eastern plains but not bad 70 in grand lake and aspen and once again another hot one out to the west 91 degrees in grand junction. we're watching high pressure starting to take control of the weather pattern here across portions of the 4 storm system lingering out to the pacific northwest will eventually make its way into our backyard. this is the good news towards the labor day weekend overall we'll be watching a warming trend. still will sneak a few storms in there nothing major just the typical afternoon thunderstorms but we'll be watching for temperatures nearing 90 degrees this weekend. you can see not a lot to talk about just a couple of isolated storm cells cropping up near the glennwood springs
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into that monsoon flow that the pushing from the southwest. our neighbors already picking up on a little bit of light rainfall an we'll be watching that primarily out to the west. tonight we'll be watching the clouds push into the metro area, a little bit of fog possible. here it is the future cast for you 8, 9 p.m. showers pretty heavy at times especially for the central mountains, the clouds will the evening. i'm not anticipating any storm for us in eastern colorado, today is our break because the showers and thunderstorms are back before we know it. 8:00 tomorrow morning another possibility, another start to the day with a little bit of fog out there. the showers keep on coming it's a fire hose from the southwest about 3, 4:00 might have a few showers reaching the metro area just in time for the big
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going on. so just threw in a chance for a couple of storms. the east coast we have hermine and it does look pretty mean and nasty potentially making land fall late tonight in northern florida and whipping up across the eastern side of the country producing incredible rainfall amounts. we'll be watching storm surge and extremely gusty winds too. so just a heads up if you're heading in that direction this holiday weekend. around here few afternoon storms friday and saturday and then we look at sunday close to 90 degrees and a beautiful labor day in store for all of us.
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put down those little bites the maker of the snacks recalling some of its varieties because they may contain pieces of plastic. the bakery says the problem stems from a contract bakery in illinois. the affected product was distributed to stores over the last couple of weeks. they have a best buy date on october 8th. we've got specifics of what to look for on >> we had those at my house. well, this just in florida
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mosquitoes this is a first. the state commission canner calls the development disappointing but not surprising. the number of non-travel related zika infections has grown to 47 in miami since the first case was identified just over a month ago but until now controllers have not found any bugs with the virus. meantime this week one of the experts came to colorado to talk about what the federal government is doing. now, this is part of a public private partnership conference wrapping it focuses on partnerships between private businesses and the federal government to respond to emergencies. the virus has shown up in just about every state in the country. the centers for disease control has partnered with companies to provide zika prevention kids. more than 10,000 have been distributed. cdc officials are also focussing on another partnership with the march of
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trainings for providers, for nurses and for physicians and we hope to continue partnering with them in the future as they develop more of those programs. >> and that could be to help babies affected. the cdc is encouraging state health departments to assemble their own zika prevention kit. a vaccine won't be ready for another year. she told people at the conference that yesterday it is fast tracked pretty good because normally it takes several years but a year away it was good access and to be able to ask those questions to people too. >> good good good. that the good to know. so here is an amazing
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so getting accepted into the college of your dreams remember how you felt that day. >> it just great. a young man with downs syndrome is now beaming from ear to ear after learning he got into the university of georgia, that's his dream school. jordan's principal says he really wanted to go to college. he had his he year the university started its own program for people with disabilities it's called destination dogs. so his mom captured the moment when he got that letter and found out he'd been accepted to his dream school. . >> i was so excited and i'm ready to be a bull dog, and i want to put a big shout out to
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they are so proud of me. >> oh, i bet there are. >> can you hear the mom like laughing how excited and proud she is? >> yes. the video him having this reaction has gone viral. thousands have seen this on youtube. >> it makes you feel so good. i watched it yesterday and you feel so good for hip an his part, his whole family. >> and the school is lucky to get him. all right. a lot has happened over the last 1 and vera has seen it all. she's 105 years old. most of her family is celebrating today. she's got some advice her great great neice tells us she says quote if you'll be my friend i'll be your friend. everybody should try to get along there is a lot of sadness and life is very short. >> can like every politician
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so if you're still looking for something to do today check this out this holiday weekend starting with riot fest. digital producers malory had a chance to talk to some of the
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the big bachelor shocker. how nick viall went from -- >> the most hated man in the bachelor franchise. >> to fan obsession. >> now on "extra.? ? ? ? former villain nick viall's first interview after he's >> nobody saw this coming! >> why they picked him over luke and the bombshell bedroom confession's nick's making only on "extra.? >> say you're really into this girl, but you find out she's hooked up with a few of your friends. >> my friends? the standoff. the arrest. what really happened inside chris brown's l.a. mansion. >> well, it's a very crazy story. >> the beauty queen, the singer allegedly pulled a gun on is sending him a message.


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